PAPER & TEA is fuelled by the desire to enrich life. And we are driven to create meaningful value while acting with responsibility. At PAPER & TEA, we hold a fundamental belief that the true beauty of the world lies in its people. We recognize the immense strength of collective effort and strive to cultivate a culture of trust and respect that empowers each of us to do good in our own unique way. With this shared sense of purpose, we can unlock the full potential of our community and create a brighter future together.

We therefore believe it is important that employees and third parties can report any actual or suspected abuses and irregularities that take place at PAPER & TEA. That’s why we have a whistleblowing policy and procedure in place.

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For whom is this policy in place?

PAPER & TEA employees, associates, business partners, customers, and other parties can report actual or suspected abuses and irregularities that take place at PAPER & TEA via our whistleblowing procedure.

Whistleblowers can be any employee or person in a comparable position who has obtained information about violations in connection with their professional activities or prior to their professional activities.

Business partners, customers, and other third parties who become aware of violations pertaining to PAPER & TEA can also report these to the whistleblower system.

Employees are encouraged to first discuss actual or suspected abuses and irregularities with their manager, if possible. If this is undesirable for any reason, they can make use of the whistleblowing procedure.

Reports can be submitted in either a confidential or an anonymous manner.

What can be reported?

All reports of criminal offences fall under the protection, which makes the scope of application quite large.

Violations that are only punishable by a fine are also covered if the violated regulation serves to protect life, limb or health or to protect employees or their representative bodies. Thus, for example, violations of the Road Traffic Act are already within the scope of application, as is non-compliance with regulations on minimum wage or working hours.

In addition, some selected regulations fall under the scope of application, for example from antitrust law, environmental law, radiation protection, food and product safety. Policies on the prevention of money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism are also covered, as are consumer and data protection.

Some examples of this are:

  • Breach of trust, fraud, falsification of documents  
  • Breaches of cartel law  
  • Fair competition violations  
  • Infringements related to a conflict of interest  
  • Corruption/bribery, acceptance of prohibited financial benefits  
  • Human rights violations  
  • Violations of environmental laws  
  • Discrimination, bullying, sexual harassment  
  • Labour law violations and infringements of occupational health and safety regulations  
  • Misconduct by superiors, employees and colleagues  
  • Breaches of data protection stipulations  
  • Violations of quality assurance guidelines  
  • Disclosure of confidential information  
  • Violations that could result in significant financial damage or a loss of reputation  
What can NOT be reported?

PAPER & TEA’s whistleblowing procedure is intended solely for reporting actual or suspected abuses and irregularities. Please understand that the whistleblower system is not meant for wrongdoings or complaints about clients of PAPER & TEA, handling or reporting employees’ personal grievances or handling general complaints. Should you wish to make a general complaint or criticism, please contact our customer service department via