Our new iced tea collection

Summertime means: it is time to enjoy iced tea! A refreshing drink that tastes like relaxing days outdoors, bold jumps into the cool water, and the feeling of freedom. Capturing these moments, our tea experts masterfully crafted six seasonal iced tea blends: Irresistible flavors from classic to fruity-sweet and floral-fresh to spicy notes to cool you down during hot summer days. Let us take you on a fruity-sweet journey through the taste of summer.

Two persons drinking iced tea by the lake

Refreshing iced tea blends

Each iced tea blend is based on a different tea variety refined with mouthwatering natural herbs and fruits. When it comes to ingredients, less is more: Each iced tea blend consists of a core of two to three main ingredients, giving the tea its flavor-character and is enhanced by a small assortment of additional ingredients. All of the teas tell their own summer story and invite you to travel with them to hidden memories and places.
Learn more about the creation of all our new iced tea blends in the interview with PAPER & TEA’s in-house tea master, Anastasia Arampatzi. She talks about the creative process behind tea blending and reveals which surprisingly unusual ingredients she used.

Brew, cool, enjoy

There are countless possibilities to brew tea. That is what makes our favorite drink so versatile: Brewing hot or steeping cold makes a difference in the taste. Depending on how you prepare your cup, some tasting notes and aromas come out stronger than others. The versatility of tea invites you to experiment until you find the flavor you love the most. Making iced tea is easy: Just brew your tea a bit stronger than usual, pour over plenty of ice cubes to cool it down in a few minutes, and it is ready to enjoy! As a cold brew, you let the tea leaves steep in cold water for some hours. Thanks to this gentle brewing method, you will notice sweeter notes in your cup. Curious? Check out our journal to read more about ways to prepare cold tea and more differences between cold brew and iced tea.

Glass full of iced tea on wooden board

Our new flavors

This delicious organic iced tea tastes like diving into a refreshing and cool lake. We have blended fresh notes of eucalyptus with juicy mango pieces and naturally sweet honeybush for our SWEET MOSQUITO BITE N°834. This blend of carefully selected herbs and fruits is naturally caffeine-free and will delight you all day long.

Our exquisite SANDY FEET JOY N°835 based on white tea takes you on a relaxing journey to sandy beaches. The premium whole-leaf Bai Mu Dan white tea harmonizes with delicate notes of cinnamon, cardamom, and apple, creating an exceptional flavor profile. While you find cinnamon and cardamom more often in warm winter blends, they come across as very refreshing in the iced tea creation.

Our SUMMER LOVE AFFAIR N°836 is like a mini vacation in a glass, perfect for those hot days when you want a little escape. Infused with the luscious flavor of mandarin oil, floral jasmine green tea, dried apple bits, and sunflower petals, this iced tea blend takes you to the colorful markets in a sun-soaked city of southern Europe.

Person pouring iced tea in glasses

This classic organic iced tea captures the pure essence of summer. We’ve put together premium second Flush Darjeeling black tea, aromatic mango, and juicy apricot pieces for our FANCY TAN LINE N°837. Find a nice spot in the shade, and enjoy the beauty of summer.

Summer is like a surreal color-show: yellow fields, green meadows, and bright blue sky as far as the eye can see. The delicious PERFECT SUNBURN N°838 joins in this blaze of color with a bright red cup of delicious strawberries, fragrant elderflowers, hibiscus, and a hint of peppermint. Treat yourself with this naturally caffeine-free iced tea blend.

Our WONDERFUL SHORT NIGHTS N°839 is like a cooling breeze on a summer night. This sophisticated iced tea with organic Japanese Sencha green tea, juicy mango pieces, and flowery rose petals refined with bergamot oil is a beautiful symphony of flavors and scents. Sit down and look out of the window to enjoy a quiet moment when the city slows down and its lights sparkle like stars.

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